Meet The Max Girls!


The Amazonian Queen

Height: 5”9
Weight: 83kg
Age: 30
Locations: Ireland, England, Europe, Dubai
Skills: Fantasy, semi-competitive, competitive – sessions, customs, events
Signature Moves: Head scissors, facesit

Hi there, my name is Kat Max. I love to wrestle! A few years ago I found my dominant side, who I truly am. It has defined me ever since and wrestling is my choice of venues. There is nothing more pleasing for me than making guys surrender to my strength and skills. I am extremely strong and getting stronger all the time. I`ve also begun to formally study BJJ, although I was already proficient at some of the submissions. The move I’m most famous for is my facesit! I love squashing your head with my peachy butt and smothering you as you beg for mercy… but begging doesn’t end the pain, oh no… All you need to do is tap 😉



The  Ninja Warrior

Height: 5”10
Weight: 70kg
Age: 29
Locations: Ireland, England, Europe
Skills: Fantasy, semi-competitive, competitive – sessions, customs, events
Signature Moves: Grapevine, chokerholds

Hey I’m Viper Max, and like a viper, I’m quick, perceptive and at times… venomous! I have previously done boxing, but I now like all types of wrestling – from fantasy to competitive. Whether it’s a playful rumble with some good banter, or a competitive match that gets the heart pumping, I put my everything into it. I enjoy meeting new people and travelling while doing something that I love. I train hard at the gym, and wrestling only further brings out my inner warrior. Expect the unexpected.



The Femme Fatale


Height: 5″2
Weight: 57kg
Age: 26
Locations: England. Ireland
Skills: Fantasy, semi-competitive – sessions, customs, events
Signature Moves: Chokehold, scissors

I am Siren Max and its my divine purpose to lure you seductively to your demise. I may be small but don’t just assume I’m easy prey, what I lack in height I make up for with scissor strength! I’m a feisty little powerhouse and literally LOVE what I do. I’ve a natural ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable… Until we hit the mats, then the tables start to turn! Like a true Siren at sea, you won’t see it coming…
Come for a rumble and I guarantee you a memorable session.


The Alpha Female


Height: 5”3
Weight: 64kg
Age: 29
Locations: Ireland, England, Europe, Dubai
Skills: Domination wrestling, beat downs, fantasy, semi-competitive – sessions, customs, events
Signature Moves: Choke, breast-smother

Hey I’m Lexi Max. I love a cheeky little wrestle! I’m small and feisty and enjoy the challenge of fighting a guy and making him submit to me by squeezing him between my chunky thighs, doing a school girl pin or my signature move, which is smothering! I’m a little lary and like to put up a good fight, so I sweat a lot! l don’t want you thinking you can beat me just because you’re bigger that me, so I’ll give it everything I’ve got! I may get a little rough but it’s all in the name of fun!


The  Beast


Height: 6”1
Weight: 96kg
Skills: Semi-competitive, competitive – sessions, customs, events
Signature Moves: Figure 4, The Spear

As the only male member of Irish Max Academy, I bring the Beast Mode to the gang. I grew up watching wrestling and have always been a big fan of WWE. I like to see myself as a pinch of Shawn Michaels, a hint of Triple H, and a bit of Kevin Nash. You could say I bring together D Generation X and Wolf Pac. It’s my nature to be cheeky and playful, but don’t let that fool you – these muscles are more than just for show. Meet me on the mats to find out.