I had two superb sessions with Viper this year, in two very different settings…one happened at the end of an eventful show day at the Wrestling Factory, and the other during her trip to Paris. Viper is one of the most genuine and sensitive wrestlers I have met until now, a feeling which translates in a athletic and warm wrestling style full of emotional intensity. She lacks some pure technical skills compared to more experienced wrestlers but she keeps improving and likes challenges. And she indeed can can be both caring and unmerciful, depending on your wishes for a session.

I was quite tired at that time in Manchester, but tried to seriously defend during a very active semi-competitive bout. I was sometimes succesful, as her grapevine attempts were not enough to surprise me and make me tap. Viper did find others ways to provoke a submission : she is a very strong pinner and I was regularly drained of my energy by her immobilizations, then vulnerable to her scissors, triangle chokes and armbars.

My session in Paris had a slower pace and a more intimate atmosphere. I am still not completely still not completely at ease with wrestling on beds but this is where trust and experience with a wrestler makes things more comfortable and enjoyable. A highlight was a very long sequence (30mns or so without a tap) where she put me in different kind of scissors. There was a feeling of entrapment as I couldn’t get out of the holds, but the pain was not unbearable and the sensations were quite peaceful and exhilarating, especially during a front headscissor where she was looking at me with a sort of tender and compassionate look, even taking her time to drink some water while maintaining the grip.

My praise for Viper can also extend to the whole Irish Max Academy Team. It is great to see the scene expand as they are now settled with a place and mats in Ireland, and their generosity and professionalism is second to none.




I had the delight of a session with Avenger whilst she was in London this April, I was first greeted by the lovely Kat Max, who introduced me to Avenger, and inquired about my interests and what I expect from a session.

Avenger is new to the wrestling scene, but don’t let that and her cute innocent smile lure you into thinking you will have an easy time against her,  once I was caught between her powerful toned thighs, I found myself tapping eagerly in submission, she has a crushing vice grip if you ever find yourself trapped there.

we had agreed that throughout the session, whoever tapped had to offer a forfeit, of course I could not overpower Avenger so she was safe from any forfeits. But I went through a lot of humiliation and pain for each time she was able to make me submit to her. After 4 taps I decided that I would not let Avenger get any more submissions out of me, but my determination didn’t make the slightest of difference.

I had a lot of fun, and would definitely like to book a session with her again.


3 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I had a roleplay (somewhere between fantasy and semi-comp in terms of competitiveness) session with Lexi two weeks ago.
    Her photos don’t do her justice, she’s beautiful in person and she sure packs some power in her lower body! Maybe if she hits the gym she might beat me at arm wrestling next time! 😛 That’s as far as the competitive element went in our session as she then proceeded to crush and smother me within an inch of my life! Even though I tried, I was rarely able to escape her tight pins and mostly found myself trapped in one hold or another. Being trapped between her huge tits truly was heaven on earth; if I didn’t have to breathe she would never have got me to submit! 😉
    She did a great job of following scenarios and seemed to enjoy it as much as me. She was willing to try new holds too and I’m sure she’ll only find more ways of humiliating opponents! All in all I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait for round 2 at some point soon ! 🙂


  2. I had a comp match with Viper ealier today. From the outset she was friendly and put me completely at ease. Wrestled for a good hour, really strong girl, leg scissors were good and she even got a submission out of me. Strong, stubborn and hot as hell. If you get the chance to have a match with this girl, take it!


  3. I had my first ever mixed wrestling session with Lexi from the IMA girls.
    I have to say as a first timer the ladies at IMA are super kind, welcoming, very helpful, great fun and incredibly skilled on the mat. Lexi in particular was great banter, a good laugh, great at easing new comers into the swing of things, stunningly beautiful as well as technical, strong and lethal! I’m definitely interested in booking future sessions with the girls after my first session. If you’re considering trying out a session but don’t know where to start, look no further than the girl’s at Irish Max Academy!


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